Company Mission Statement

“To become a leading force in the delivery of a service of excellence, to uphold its commitment to support and safeguard the service user and their rights. To continue to train and develop a work force who are highly motivated and committed to the company ethos.”

“With the commitment, passion and professionalism of all its workers the company aims to create and foster trusting relationships and partnerships with its service users and stakeholders.”

Our Aims and Objectives

  • The Company is committed to the philosophy of its agreement with the RCN “To promote high standards in professional, educational and employment practices.”
  • To provide well trained competent workers to deliver a service of excellence to our Service Users.
  • All working policies, procedures and guidelines that Nursing Solutions Limited employ are in compliance with the CQC and the Health and Social Care Act 2014 and all amendments.
  • Nursing Solutions Limited provides a Company Handbook to all its healthcare workers which also complies with the CQC and the Health and Social Care Act 2014.
  • Nursing Solutions Limited is committed to providing a professional, quality service to its service users for which they will be fairly charged.
  • Nursing Solutions Limited believes it pays its workers a fair remuneration for the assignments they undertake.
  • The business is committed to treating any complaint in a swift, professional manner, adhering to its own Complaint, Grievance and Disciplinary policies, procedures and guidelines as well as legislation, regulation and requirement.
  • Nursing Solutions Limited is a responsible Domiciliary Care business that believes in providing Service Users with a high quality, reliable, professional service. This quality is measured and monitored by a variety of evaluation systems, i.e. service questionnaire, monitoring forms, direct feedback.
  • Nursing Solutions Limited aims to offer its workers appropriate assignments that will reflect their individual knowledge, experience and ability.


Reviewed January 2022

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