Freelance Recruiter

Nursing Solutions Limited is seeking Freelance Recruiters (FR) to work for our company in a self-employed capacity. We will consider applicants with suitable knowledge and experience of permanent recruitment from the healthcare sector. Hours and location of work are entirely at your discretion to fit around your lifestyle. The positions are fully remote. There are no set KPI’s. The FR is paid commission only when you successfully place a candidate. The commission paid is up to 50% of the recruitment fees received by the company.

The Freelance Recruiter’s role is ideally suited to those who want to be their own boss and have recruitment experience and confidence in their own ability. You will need to have effective communication skills and most importantly, commercial acumen, to recognise and seize on the opportunities that Nursing Solutions will provide.

There is no personal investment required to get started, you just need a computer, broadband, a mobile phone, and a desire to be successful working within our team. You will be given a company email address to access Nursing Solutions email system. Nursing Solutions will manage all administration in relation to the recruitment process. You will have consistent support from our admin team. For further details, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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